Nightlife of Shanghai

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After dinner, Jassica plans to find a bar with friends. “It’s easy to find the second half at 158. We used to go to TAXX. After 95, there were a lot of young people and the place was big.”

Founded in December 2017, TAXX Bar is the largest electro-acoustic shanghai escort bar in Shanghai with an area of ​​2,800 square meters and can accommodate up to 3,000 people. Sean, born in 1992, is the brand director of the bar. After graduating from college, he did not engage in the sports major he had studied. Instead, he ran to Shanghai and joined the night economy industry. “I like to meet different people, chat with them, make friends. All of us who come to TAXX are young people.”

In Sean’s view, the biggest attraction of TAXX is the unusually rich theme activity. “Now the young people are a little tired of the ‘Hundred DJs’. The past bars have no fun except alcohol and music. And we have very large theme parties every month, from ‘Little Pig Pecs’ To the ‘right game’, there is a venue for young people to play their role according to their own preferences.”

One of the activities that Sean relished was that in November last year, for the promotion of Netease Cloud Music’s new online “DI Audio” radio, Netease President Ding Lei ran to TAXX. In fact, not only Ding Lei, during the Shanghai Fashion Week of 2018, some designer brands began to choose the bar as a show, releasing new products. In the past, fashion shows that focused on models, designers, stylists, photographers, media, buyers, and spectators, turned into more interactive and fun fashion parties.

These brand owners who sniffed out business opportunities early, while injecting bars as a new marketing position, also injected new content into Shanghai’s nightlife.

“Many brands are beginning to tie up new product launches and nightlife. Last year, TAXX received 40 brand launches and corporate annual meetings. We don’t just provide venues to the brand, but also help them to make the whole solution. Perfected by the tastes and preferences of young people,” Sean said.

The influx of more and more young people is the main reason for the change in the form of Shanghai bar business. TAXX general manager Rain started to work in the bar industry in 2003. According to him, before 2008, Shanghai’s bar consumers were more Hong Kong businessmen. 2008 is a watershed, and the mainstream consumer groups of bars have become the bosses of the mainland to do business. Sean found that in the past five years, the consumer groups in Shanghai bars have become more and more young and have more returnees. “Electronic sounds have arisen from abroad. There are many electronic sound bars in foreign countries. When overseas students return to China, they bring nightlife habits to China.”

“Now the network is so developed, young people can easily reach out to foreign music cultures, and they are very eager to learn more.” Jacky Shao named his bar name in a mental hospital Arkham in DC Manga “Batman”, 8 years ago Still a white-collar worker who went to work nine to five times. He did not care about his family’s opposition to starting a business, but also because he loved music and Shanghai’s nightlife.

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